Unstable Realities

Digital Stratification of the world

This video was inspired by the digitization of the world and the algorithms which govern our lives. I use for it Google Earth, which inhales the reality, democratizes access to the knowledge/, the ubiquity and instantaneous displacement. It's the witness and the actor of a change of paradigm and perception of the space time.

In view of the standardized appearance of internet, 3D images have difficulty loading. Result glitch, colors shifts and faults in textures, temporal and non-temporal failures, object out of bounds, invalid graphical representation... A metaphor of a world conceived by a myriad of computer algorithms.
Errors and bugs bring a new way of understanding the environment and space time. They offer a different experience.

The bug can lead to aesthetic effects which defy the viewer to feel the sublime trends of the digital image. There is a vital beauty in the manipulation of the digital images and their "defects". We can see a kind of metaphysics in the search for the interstice, for this bug which tear the reality.

In this video, I search and provoke errors through my movements. Inside the bug I try to reach the "end of the world", then we are caught in a world without reference, devoid of space time, off texture.
The environment is changing because we have decided to change ourselves, to change our condition or our experience.